AMQP Procotol SupportΒΆ

asynqp is under development. Here is a table documenting the parts of the AMQP protocol that are currently supported by asynqp.


This library is alpha software. Even the methods marked as ‘full support’ may still have bugs. Please report any bugs to the Github tracker.

Class Method Support API Notes
connection   partial asynqp.Connection  
  start/start-ok full asynqp.connect  
  secure/secure-ok none   Not required for default auth mechanism
  tune/tune-ok partial   Not presently user-customisable
  open/open-ok full asynqp.connect  
  close/close-ok full asynqp.Connection.close  
channel   partial asynqp.Channel  
  open/open-ok full asynqp.Connection.open_channel  
  flow/flow-ok none    
  close/close-ok full asynqp.Channel.close  
exchange   partial asynqp.Exchange  
  declare/declare-ok partial asynqp.Channel.declare_exchange Not all parameters presently supported
  delete/delete-ok full asynqp.Exchange.delete  
  bind/bind-ok none   RabbitMQ extension
  unbind/unbind-ok none   RabbitMQ extension
queue   partial asynqp.Queue  
  declare/declare-ok partial asynqp.Channel.declare_queue Not all parameters presently supported
  bind/bind-ok partial asynqp.Queue.bind Not all parameters presently supported
  unbind/unbind-ok full asynqp.QueueBinding.unbind  
  purge/purge-ok partial asynqp.Queue.purge no-wait not presently supported
  delete/delete-ok partial asynqp.Queue.delete no-wait not presently supported
basic   partial    
  qos/qos-ok full asynqp.Channel.set_qos  
  consume/consume-ok partial asynqp.Queue.consume Not all parameters presently supported
  cancel/cancel-ok partial asynqp.Consumer.cancel no-wait not presently supported
  publish partial asynqp.Exchange.publish immediate not presently supported
  return full asynqp.Channel.set_return_handler  
  deliver full    
  get/get-ok/get-empty full asynqp.Queue.get  
  ack full asynqp.IncomingMessage.ack  
  reject full asynqp.IncomingMessage.reject  
  recover/recover-ok none    
  recover-async none    
  nack none   RabbitMQ extension
tx   none    
  select/select-ok none    
  commit/commit-ok none    
  rollback/rollback-ok none    
confirm   none    
  select/select-ok none